Member List

TPIX Member List

Member AS Number Links to TPIX Peering Policy IPv6 Enabled
AboveNet 17408 10GE*2 Open Yes
Academia Sinica Network(ASNet) 9264 10GE Selective Yes
Akamai 20940 10GE Open Yes
Akari Network 981 10GE Open Yes
Amazon 16509 100GE*2 Selective Yes
ANEXIA 42473 GE Selective Yes
AOFEI 135391 GE Open Yes
Apple 714 100GE*2 Selective Yes
APT 17709 10GE*2 Open Yes
Asia Pacific New Technologies Co. Ltd 55789 GE Open No
August Internet 945 GE Selective Yes
BeeCloud 140570 GE Selective Yes
Belgacom International Carrier Services 6774 10GE Open No
Blizzard Entertainment 57976 10GE Open Yes
Capital Online Data Service Ltd 63199 10GE Open Yes
Carl International Information ltd. 131618 GE Open Yes
CHT-TWGate 9505 GE Open No
ChuanChan 18046 GE*2 Open No
CKmates 133375 GE Open Yes
CloudFlare 13335 10GE*2 Open Yes
Cloudmax Inc. 24168 10GE Open Yes
CM Craft Aesthetic 18424 10GE Open Yes
CNS-KBT 9416 10GE Open Yes
Cocoa Oriental Network 133012 GE Open Yes
Continent 8 14537 GE Open Yes
Create Prominent 140214 GE Open Yes
DCTV 131607 GE*5 Open No (TW) Limited 9244 10GE Open Yes
DMG 18419 10GE*2 Open No
Dropbox 19679 10GE*2 Open Yes
Dwins 17416 GE Open No
Dw solutions ltd. 9675 GE Open Yes
eASPnet 10135 10GE Open No
Edgio 15133 10GE Selective Yes
Eons Data Communications Limited 138997 GE Open Yes
Estnoc OY 206804 GE Open No
Facebook 32934 10GE*4 Selective Yes
Fast Line 131657 GE Open No
Gainlot 134346 GE Open No
Game Soul Technology Co., Ltd. 131658 GE Open Yes
Gigabit 55720 10GE Open No
Global Cloud Xchange 15412 10GE*2 Open Yes
Google 15169 10GE*4 Open Yes
Haosing Technology 131666 GE Open Yes
HGC 9304 10GE Open No
CORE WINNER 131273 10GE Open No
HostingInside LTD 9678 10GE Open Yes
Hurricane Electric 6939 10GE Open Yes
iBoss 137922 10GE*2 Open Yes
imcloud 135314 GE Open Yes
Incapsula 19551 10GE Open Yes
Industrial Technology Research Institute 18422 10GE Open Yes
Kaopu cloud 138915 10GE Open Yes
Kingsoft Cloud Corporation Limited 137280 10GE Open Yes
KlickKlack Communications 131645 GE Open Yes
Kloudless 55256 10GE Open Yes
LayerStack 133905 10GE Selective No
Leemon Professional Consultant 9915 GE Open Yes
Microsoft 8075 10GE*2 Open Yes
Misaka 917 10GE Open Yes
National Taiwan University 17716 GE Selective Yes
Netnod AB 8674 10GE Open Yes
New Kaohsiung Broadband LTD. 9922 10GE Open No
Nexusguard Limited 45474 GE Open Yes
NTC Asia Limited 9902 GE Open No
Octopus Web Solution 984 GE Open Yes
Packet Clearing House (PCH) 3856 GE Open Yes
Packet Clearing House AS42 (PCH) 42 10GE Open Yes
packet hub 147049 20GE Open Yes
Paramita Digital Ltd., 38853 GE Open Yes
President Information CORP 17710 GE Open Yes
Psychz Networks 40676 10GE Open Yes
Peicity Digital Cable Television 131627 10GE*2 Open No
Peter Qiao Technology Company 131642 GE Open Yes
QT Inc. 24567 GE Open Yes
Radware LTD 25773 GE Open Yes
Riot Game 6507 10GE*2 Selective No
RIPE NCC 25152 GE Open Yes
SaveCom 7656 10GE Open No
SG.GS 24482 10GE Open Yes
singtel 7473 GE Selective Yes
SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. (an IBM Company) 36351 10GE*2 Open Yes
Sparkstation 45634 GE Open Yes
Sky Digital Co., Ltd. 134823 10GE Open No
Skycloud Computing co., Ltd. 7483 GE Open Yes
So-net 18182 10GE*2 Open Yes
Subspace 32261 10GE Open Yes
Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd 3303 GE Selective Yes
Taifo 131584 10GE Open No
TaiWan Advanced Research and Education (TWAREN) 7539 10GE Open Yes
Taiwan Digital Streaming Co. 18041 GE Open Yes
Taiwan Network Data Co., Ltd. 136756 GE Open No
TANet 17717 10GE*12 Selective Yes
Tcloudnet 399077 10GE Open Yes
Telekomunikasi Indonesia Int (TELIN) 7713 GE Open Yes
Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) 4788 10GE Open No
Telstra 4637 10GE*3 Open Yes
TINP 18049 10GE Open No
TISP 63888 GE Open Yes
tri7 solution 64078 GE Open Yes
Twitch 46489 10GE Open Yes
TWT 38851 10GE Open No
T-Star 24157 10GE Open Yes
Unigate 9831 GE Open Yes
Union Fu Wah Digital Technology Limited 134578 GE Open Yes
VeeTIME 17809 10GE Open Yes
Verizon - Asia-Pac 703 GE Open Yes
Verizon Digital Media Services (EdgeCast Networks) 15133 10GE Open Yes
VOCOM 63897 10GE Open Yes
WantEasy Info. Co, Ltd. 131672 GE Open No
Wicam 24492 GE Open Yes
Yahoo! 10310 10GE*4 Open Yes
Yuan-Jhen Info 131149 GE Open Yes
Yuan-Jhen Info., Co., Ltd 63905 GE Open Yes
Zenlayer 21859 10GE Open Yes
Zscaler 53813 10GE*4 Open No