1. Decide the install location of your connected router.
  2. Decide the connection interface type to TPIX.
  3. Arrange the circuit to the TPIX datacenter in Taipei.
  4. Negotiate the service scope and get the quote from TPIX sales team.
  5. Sign back the service order form.
  6. Planning and installation support from TPIX
  7. Complete TPIX connection.

TPIX sales support team is willing to support you for detail planning, pricing and solution design and deployment management.

  • (1) Install location of connected router:

    You shall prepare a router which supports the BGPv4, and the GE or 10GE interface card to connect to TPIX platform. You can apply a dedicated circuit from customer site to TPIX building directly; however, the connection can be made by in-house x-connection if the router located in TPIX building. In order for cost saving, equipment management and future private peering feasibility, collocation solution is recommended. TPIX sales team is willing to propose you the total solution if you have collocation even managed equipment service requirement.

  • (2) TPIX connection speed:

    At present, the port speed TPIX provide are 10Gigabit Ethernet (10Gbps) and Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps) ports. You can select the appropriate IX port according to the traffic demand. TPIX platform is fully redundant design, and you can choose to build two connections to different TPIX switch for backup purpose.

  • (3) Local loop to TPIX building:

    TPIX is located in neutral IDC building (No. 250, Yangguang St., Taipei) operated by Chief Telecom. There are four Fixed Carrier Operators connected to the building, including Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Fixed Network, Far Eastone and APOL. You can apply the circuit directly or via TPIX sales team. Please contact us if you need the ordering support.